About Josh


So who am I? I’m just some dude. I’m just your typical 40-something computer nerd with more dreams than time, and a real bug for independence.

I’ve spent most of my adult live working on corporate IT, sitting at a cubicle in a room with grey walls and grey floors, fluorescent lights lightly flickering, wondering if that’s really all there was to life.

Many years back, a friend and I started our own business. At some point, a combination of savings and earnings fro that business gave me the opportunity to go off on my own and do something different with my life. Moving across the country to a land of beaches and sand was one of the most amazing choices I ever made… But living in a fancy apartment wasn’t enough.

Hillary and I explored sailboat living (and bought a boat! More about that in the future…), and looked into various land setups like conventional RVs, box trucks, step vans, and school buses. We eventually settled on a short bus, and now here we are.

I hope you find our blog both entertaining and informative as we document our travels, both the good and the bad.